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Grade 1 0/7 first time players

Hi im coaching the grade 1 netball team this year. Its my first time coaching so i just want some tips on how to start with practice. Some easy drills and things to do with them to make it fun and so they can learn.Thank youLindie

I take it grade 1 is about 6-7 yr olds...then yes its definitely important to keep it fun and simple.  A good warm up game is called Rob the nest.  Just google it and you will find the basics.  Its fun and has some good skills for running, taking turns and following rules.  A stretching warmup is Simon Says with you as the leader, or a game of follow the leader around the court.  Look for some good footwork drills that are basic, zig zag drills you will find here, use of hoops for jumping into, or hopping...or basic hopscotch is also good.  I also like the game of elastics.  

Ball skills can start with softer balls if you have them, but if you don't, try having them bounce and catch the ball to themselves.  you can add in a clap or two, a full pivot (a great way for them to practise that too).  you can move onto throwing the ball into the air with the same sequence, before moving onto throwing to each other in pairs.  the main thing to ensure is correct hand placement when catching, that they are catching out in front away from their face, and that they are keeping their eyes on the ball.

a good way to teach them to run and catch the ball is to hold the ball out to the side of your body and have them run and take the ball from your hand and land and pass it back to you.

to give them an idea about passing down the court, have them line up down the court spread out in the centre third and they pass and pivot down the line.  once they have had their turn they run to the end of the line ready for another pass until they get into the goal circle and the last one shoots the ball.  this drill can be done from the back defence line once they get the idea.  it can be moved into a centre pass, then change it up to have them run from the side and catching it in a zig zag pattern and have the ball be passed down the centre of the zig zag line.  You will have to help them know where to stand after they have had their turn.  

have a fun cool down drill, one like duck duck goose, fruit salad, simon says, whats the time mr woof.  all good fun ways to end your session.

hope that helps.

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