1-2 Taking On Two Defenders

category: Attack

Netball 1-2 Taking on two defenders Attack One A starts with the ball. She passes to her partner who ... Netball Drill Demonstration. Add to clipboar...

Prevent The Middle Pass

category: Defence

Netball Prevent the middle Pass Defence Players work in groups of 5 - 3 ... Add to clipboard ... Developing tight man to man defence to limit ball ca...

Getting Free For A Centre Pass

category: Attack

Netball Getting free for a Centre Pass Attack The purpose of this drill is to encourage Attackers ... Add to clipboard ... 1-2 Taking on two defender...

Defenders Dictating Play

category: Defence

Netball Defenders Dictating Play Defence Create a narrow channel for 2 attackers and 2 defenders to work in, ... Netball Drill Demonstration. Add to ...

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Community Drills

Various straight lead drives

In pairs, one thrower, one worker. Each player is to do each lead 8-10 times, then swap over.From left to right the drives are:1. Stright sprint2...

Four Corner Dodge

Attacker dodges around the square to the four corners, then chooses which way to receive the ball. To increase difficultly, add a defender.

Run, Catch, Pivot, Throw (15mins)

Divide the group into 2 with a coach in each group.Version 1: have the players make two rows facing the coach (the square). Place one cone for each ro...


3 Equal lines, 1 ball.Ball starts at Q1 , she passes to either Q2 or Q3.If pass to Q2 ,player run to Q3.Pass and run.Keep all lines equal and balanced...