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Have 2 defenders, who take it in turns to mark a play.

If the defender is drawn to A1s run then A2 can pass back to the next person in the A1 line which gives the A1 in play the option to open out to receive the ball.

A1 has the options again to play to A2 who has run in or straight to A3.

Coaching points

The defender should challenge every ball and try to position themselves to shut down passing options, and dictate the attacker's movements.



After A2 has received the ball, she still has the option to pass back to the next A1 in line, but this time when she runs in she can receive the ball herself.

Play becomes more like a game situation and the attackers have greater options to choose from to test their decision making skills.

Start off with 1 defender who can choose to mark either player.

Then add in a second defender to make it more difficult for the attackers.

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