id love some advice on any sytems for shooters in the ring?

id love some advice on any sytems for shooters in the ring?

id love some advice on any sytems for shooters in the ring. thanks %3A)

Netball CoachCoach
Netball CoachCoach

what does systems in the ring mean? is it like game plays or something?

Netball CoachCoach

Yeah, excactly.... the girls seem to run in to each others space all the time, going for the ball, am just wondering if anyone knows of some specific games plays for in the ring.

Netball CoachCoach

When i have a tall Shooter and shorter GA i work the ring with Shooter holding still and GA doing figure 8 around her... theory is defenders get confused, Shooter is holding post and often gets left by defender picking up GA coming around her. Feed the ball in with 2 players and you will find the GA opens up the ring by continually moving and they dont run into each other...

Netball CoachCoach

This has worked for me previously%3A set up an imaginery triangle in the goal circle - one point either side of the post, the third toward the top of the circle. Start with no defenders and get both goalers to constantly move around the triangle while receiving feeding passes from outside. They can't both go to the same point. The girl at the top controls which way the other moves because the girl at the back can see her team mate ie. if girl at the top goes to the left hand point, then girl at back goes to right hand or top point. Once they're moving well, add defenders. Hope this makes sense.

Netball CoachCoach

I to use the triangle, as they progress get them to clear with a side step at the top then sprint to post the change of pace is hard for the defenders, its important for the feeders (WA ,C)to understand not to throw to a person comming forward for a clear and to allways look for the created space at post. I also use splits and re offers in the circle when the defenders on the outside around the circle have been pulled for osbruction/contact and you have your attackers with a free pass. Definatly start with no defenders and after two training sessions then add 1 defender then a second if they are confident. Cheers

Netball CoachCoach

great advice, will definatly use all or it, thanks heaps guys!!!!

Netball CoachCoach

i just wantedto say hi! how are u? the girls came down over easter and they are growing up way too quick! love from alicia xx

Netball CoachCoach

HELLO!!!!!! fancy meeting you on sportsplan!!! hehe. i am great, the girls are growing way to fast... specialy sidney. tarni and brody are growing so fast too, i get on and hav a look at facebook every now and then. thankyou so much for getting in contact, you hav definatly made me smile today seeing your name appear!!!! love to you all, your always on my mind, all of you! keep well. xoxo

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