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Set up: Five cones set up as a square with one cone in the center, 1 ball, 4-6 players.

  • Two feeding players are set up in between cones in line with the center cone.
  • Two attacking players start on the centre cone and choose a corner cone to drive out to, each driving to opposite cones.
  • Attackers time their drive so they receive their pass on the centre cone.
  • Attackers are to create a ‘bow’ shape by driving to the outer cones one at a time and receiving a pass on the middle cone between each drive.

Coaching points

  • Strong emphasis on attacking players communicating with the other player as to where they are driving.
  • After the defender has been added in, the attackers still need to work so they receive a front ball in a small space, attackers may find this is easer in a bigger space (second progression).

Common errors:

  • Attackers waiting in the middle for the ball, players should hold their drive to time with a pass on the center cone.
  • Attacker not turning around fully to deliver the pass or drive.


  • Add in defender to confuse middle space.
  • Increase ‘bow’ size and add in another defense.
  • Attackers to receive two passes in a row from each feeder before the other attacker drives.

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