Netball Drill Demonstration


Equipment: 2 balls, half court space, 6+ players.

4 players stand as posts in a square as set out in video. Approximatly half way down 1/3 and near halfway.

2 other players, the workers, start on the baseline with the balls, one each. 

Workers pass ball out to first posts on a diagonal and follow the pass to recieve a short pass from first post.

Workers then pass straight on to the second posts and follow the pass. 

Second post players toss a high ball for the workers to catch. Workers stay put and the second post players run down court to recieve a long pass to the point of the first posts.

First posts move down and will become the workers in the next round. 

Coaching points

You may like to start with a smaller area or walk it through until players understand the movements. 

There does need to be communication between all players, especially on crossovers.


Progresson 1: Workers add in a second cross over after the first posts. The same format then follows.

Progression 2: Workers keep the 2 crossovers when working up the court. This progression adds in a crossover on the return, for the second posts, to then become first posts. 


A great team drill when it gets going.

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