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  • 8+ players in 2 lines facing opposite eachother at diagonal points of a rectangle. One player at the start of one line with the ball. 
  • Player at the front of the other line drives to the space opposite the player with the ball and recieves the long pass. 
  • They then pass back to the line they came from with the short pass and join the back of that line.
  • Same thing happens from the opposite line.
  • As the coach calls "short" or "long" the rectangle to get larger or smaller.

Coaching points

  • Ensure the rectangular shape is maintained. 
  • Players need to turn inwards, in the air when receiving the ball. 
  • Short and fast movements. 


Add an intercept. Once the pass has gone, that player is to follow and go for the intercept in the next phase. This helps players get out of the mindset that the job is done once they have got the pass away. 

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