Netball Quiz Questions- Help Need More

Netball Quiz Questions- Help Need More

I have found that my players worked well as a group and also really enjoyed a Quiz about Netball (both rules and history of netball in general)but I have run out of questions, I usually only finish our training sessions with one question for each member of our team and use any the following week that they got wrong so they are learning at the same time. If you have any ideas please let me know as I have searched the web and every other resource I can find, Some of the questions I have used are

How many seconds can you hold the ball?

How far away do you need to be before arms go up to defend?

How is a short pass measured?

Where does a ball need to be touched first after a centre pass?

Name 2 examples of Good spartsmanship?

Name the 7 Positions in a Netball Game How many players on a Netball court during a Game? (trick question, usually andswered with 7, keeps them on their toes)

In which Country did netball begin?

What is the Name of the Australian Netball Team?

What time do we turn up for a Game on Saturdays?

If you land on 2 feet while catching the ball, which foot can you pivot on?

PLease help, I need more questions, we still have a long year ahead %3A) Thanks

Netball CoachCoach
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

questions about off side, what is the minimum number of players that is required to play, how long is a quarter, when will the the umpire start blow her whistle for a center pass to commence, how do you take an out of bounds free pass, who is the diamonds captain, can you take the court if the umpire has already called for the quarter to start, questions about nail length and jewlery, when did netball start in the Olympics (trick question), whats the most important skill in netball (no correct answer, but interesting to see what they all say), what player can you not play without, what is the name of the president of your club, who won the division you play in last year, (just to show them that its not all about winning as no one remembers those things), whats the most important part to warm up as a netballer, what is the most common injurys for players, how many lines are on the court.

hope that helps and sounds like a good system.

Allie CollyerCoach, Australia

I have just done a quiz up for my U13's but it is on my work computer. Here are a couple more to add%3A

When do you need to stand out of play for a free awarded against your team? - eg%3A contact, obstruction, intimidation...

When do you not stand out of play? - stepping, off-side, replayed ball etc

If you are taking a throw-in, what do you need to do with your feet? Make an attempt to to the line

At a throw-in, can you have your foot on the line? No, you would be considered to be on the court

If you catch the ball when you are on the court but your foot is on the line (not over) is that a free? See above, lines are part of the court, if you are not over the line you would still be in play

If a defender turns the ball over in our circle then steps, can the goaler shoot the ball? No, must pass

When you go off-side and there is a free, where is it taken? Where the infringement took place - so in the off-side third.

If a WA catches the centre pass with one foot inside the goal third and one inside the centre third is that OK? No must be totally inside the centre third.

Hope that helps %3A0

Netball CoachCoach

What size is the ball? Is it the same size for all age groups?

If you are out of play, can you direct play?

What area of the court do the umpires control? You would be surprised by the number of people/players that get that wrong!

Does the stepping rule apply for a throwin? Centre pass?

Also make note of any ruling by the umpiring that seem puzzled by and use it for a querstion the folowing week.

Who invented netball? Have supplied the answer for you.

It is claimed that both Canadian-American James Naismith (in 1891) and American Clara Gregory Baer (in 1895) invented Netball. Clara Baer was a teacher at the same school as Naismith, who invented Basketball. She supposedly wanted a similar sport for women, as women’s uniforms, at that time, prevented them from standard basketball moves like dribbling or running.

Hope these help!

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