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Effective feeding of the circle Session Thumbnail
Effective feeding of the circle

Work on your player's attacking capabilities using a change of pace and direction to lose their opponent and hit the circle edge to successfully feed the circle.

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Two feeders will set up on the third line with a ball each (RED F)

In front of each feeder two attackers will stand side by side (approximately 2-3m away from the feeder)

There will be one shooter and one defender in the circle

Taking it in turns, the two attackers will split and both offer for the ball from the feeder

One player will receive the ball (RED A, 1)

The other player will drive circle edge and receive the second phase ball (RED B, 2)

They will then feed the shooter who can take a shot (3)

The pair retrieve their ball and the other set of attackers will go

Work for a set number of reps for each pair (for example 5 each side)

Swap sides, so each attacker gets to practice both sides of the circle


Coaching points

The attackers offering for the ball should drive hard at a strong angle

The player who does not receive the ball should put their outside foot down and drive hard to the circle edge - they are aiming to receive the ball on the circle edge

The shooter can practice their hold - they should return the ball quickly and set up for the other pair


Add a defender, they will stand in front of the pair of attacker and choose one player to mark - you can choose how vigorously they defender. If your players struggle you may want to build up the defenders intensity starting at 50% to ensure success

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