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This drill enables players to begin to link the movement patterns up the court from the centre pass.

2 lines of players beginning in the centre third, 1 shooter and 1 defender in the shooting area.

Players in 1 line have a ball each, player in opposite line sprints to receive a pass on the circle edge.

Feeder (after passing ball) also drives to circle edge to support the first attacking player. Meanwhile the attacking player with the ball passes to the shooter and makes a shot for goal.

Players then join the back of the line and the next pair attack.

Coaching points

Ensure passes are accurate and into the space, enabling the moving player to attack the ball.

Use arms to maximise speed on sprint to circle edge and land in an upright and balanced position as close to the circle edge as possible.

The ball to the shooter must be placed away from the defender. It is important that the shooter receives the ball in the optimum shooting position.

You can decide if you want the shooter to take a shot at this stage.

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