Drill Categories

Sevens Drills

The Sevens drills below to sharpen your players' rugby skills such as quick hands, speed evasion and passing under pressure before moving on to develo...


1V1 Evasion

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby 1v1 evasion Agility & Running Skills 2 players start on opposite end of a 5x5m block On the whistle they run down the line, turn the corner, Th...

Evasion Race

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Evasion race Agility & Running Skills Divide your players into two groups and set up two lines of cones about 3m apart. Each cone should be 1.5...

Evasion Drill

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Evasion Drill Tag Rugby Drill to practice/teach evasion skills. Set up two lines of cones (green and red) with two lines of players (blue and r...

Web Videos

Learn how to evade a player evasion

Evasion is what rugby is all about. Otago coach Ben Herring teaches some really basic drills to help players of all ages improve their evasion skills.


Attacking - Part 2

Work on your players composure when going into contact to be able to provide the offload to create scoring chances even when under pressure.


Community Drills

Evasive Running Grid

Use evasion and agility skills to avoid collisions.Use a small 5mx5m grid to start and progress to larger grid (10mx10m , 15mx15m)Encourage poping the...

warm up 1

teams of 4develop after round 1 to:start with ball in hand - zig zags - score try - leave ball - zig zag and tag. Next player zig zag - collect ball -...