Rugby Drill Demonstration


Aim: This activity develops a players’ ability to react quickly with the group and to exploit space around a defender using evasion and acceleration


  • 1v1 in a 5x5m square
  • Attacker and defender facing each other about 2m apart
  • Attacker starts side stepping, to lose the defender - defender must try to mirror the attackers movement
  • When the attacker thinks they have enough space, they go to ground before regathering to their feet and trying to get past the defender
  • Do 5 reps before swapping

Coaching points

Key Coaching Points:

  1. To get up from the ground as quick as possible, drive hips towards the ground whilst pushing powerfully with the arms
  2. Push powerfully off inside leg at 45 degrees to move into the space at the side the defender
  3. Accelerate away using short powerful steps, driving the arms

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