Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell the players the following.....

  1. The player on the top of the grid is the defender.
  2. The player on the bottom is the attacker.
  3. When the defender passes the ball to the attacker, the attack begins.
  4. Using footwork and other evasion skills the attacker should score a try.
  5. That's it, play.
  • Give the players a number of chances each - changing the attacker and defender.
  • When you feel they are doing well, decrease the width of the grid by 1 meter. Keep decreasing until the players are at the limit of their ability to evade contact.

Coaching points

  • The attacker uses changes in foot-speed to attack space, and fix the defenders running line before changing their own running line.
  • The attacker is away that the defender is drifting, and cuts back in when it is clear they will not make the line.
  • The attacker side-steps, rolls, and spins to avoid contact.
  • If going into contact, the attacker seeks to hand off and evade contact.
  • The defender needs to be careful not to over commit.

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