Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • 1 vs 1 in a small pitch

  • All players line up on the same line on one side of the pitch in the middle.

  • On the coaches signal, a player with a ball goes around a cone in one corner and another player goes around the other corner of the same sideline. 

  • Then it is a simple 1 vs 1 with the player with the ball using footwork to beat the defender.

  • You can vary the level of contact at your discretion. 

Coaching points

  • Keep shoulders up and square.

  • Scan what is in front of you and plan where you are going to go and how you can beat the defender.  

  • Control your speed and shorten your stride as you approach to the defender.

  • Hold the ball in two hands

  • Keep your eye on the defender


  • Increase the intensity of the contact.

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