where can I get an under 8 year program of training?

where can I get an under 8 year program of training?

where can I get an under 8 year program of training or activities to introduce them to the game of Rugby?

Rugby CoachCoach
Rugby CoachCoach

Alejandro - Under 8 in the UK is tag rugby (non-contact). However whether you are coaching contact or non-contact the programme is the same - FUN! At this age group, don't think about drills or programmes - think about mini games the children can play that have elements of the game in it.

For example:

EVASION - have one or two players holding a ball in a 10m x 10x area. They have to chase around trying to touch as many other players with the ball. See how many they can get in one minute.

PASS - Fun relay games, teams four players in front of a line of 4 cones. They race against other team by running to the first cone - turn and pass to a support player who races to the second cone and turns and passes to the first player, this continues until they get to the last cone where both run around a race back - passing to the other two players in the team who do the same. First 4 back and sat on floor win!

MINI-GAME For me 2vs1, or 3vs2 is the perfect way of developing children about the game. As it is in fact the game in a mini format. Make a 5m wide by 10m long channel with cones. Have two lines stood at the center on one side (outside the channel) one line is attackers, one line is defender - on the whistle two from the attackers go one way and attack down the channel and one defender goes the other way and defends. Once they have got the basics of tackling, attacking stepping, passing to support on 2vs1 you can then develop this to 3 attacker vs 2 defenders and so on....

GAMES & FUN is all you need, be clever and think about what technique/skill you want to develop, then invent a game that will help that skill that involves everyone and is fun. Have a game, then if needed stop the game - coach the technique key points of the skill, let them practise, then put them back into the game you invented to see if they have improved/developed.

Rugby CoachCoach

Excellent summary Mel. It is so important to get players to realise that the game is all about working every attack and defence into an overload situation with the ultimate result being a 2v1 on the defence or attack.

The younger they learn the technical side of this i.e. the line of run, offload, timing etc. the easier it becomes to implement the tactical side of it as they get older.

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