Rugby Drill Demonstration


Divide your players into two groups and set up two lines of cones about 3m apart.

Each cone should be 1.5m apart in a straight line.

  1. The player in front must go through the cones evading from one side to another
  2. return and give the ball to the next player to go
  3. They are done when the ball is back in the hand of the player which went first

Each player needs to pass through the grid and they end with the ball back in the hands of the player that started.

Coaching points

  • Make sure players are using short steps, working hard to change direction quickly
  • Leaning forward and throwing their weight from one side of the cone to the other, like they do for a sidestep, they must keep exercising the skill
  • Ball always in 2 hands
  • Head up, and pop the ball to your partner as you pass the last cone.

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Drill tags: agility, evasion, power stride

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