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Bola Machine Drills

The world renowned hockey BOLA machine has been specially adapted to fulfil a wide range of Hockey training needs following extensive consultation and...

Indoor Hockey Drills

This is the indoor variant of traditional outdoor field hockey. It began as a pastime for players during the off-season. The key difference between fi...


1V1 Different Angle Into Circle

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Playing 1v1, try and score. It is important to play at speed and go close round the defender.

Defender has to try and get possession of...

30Mph And 50Mph Zones

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Players have a ball each and work in two small groups. Each group begins in a crowded areas (30 MPH speed limit) and dribble around slowly.


Chuck And Run

category: Eliminating-a-Player


Coaches Objective:

To teach the atta...

Web Videos

Agility drills for field hockey

Speed and Agility Drills are not only good for improving your performance and power, they are good for technical practice for reducing injuries to ank...


Bite size fitness session 4

Be the fastest and fittest out on the field with the another bitesize fitness session to slip into the end of the session.

Bite size fitness session 3

Use this 30 minute hockey related Speed and Cardiovascular endurance session to supplement your next training session!


Community Drills

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Two Balls per grid,Exercise: Pass PressGoal: Get up to match speed and get our eye in. Quick, interlinking, pass and move play!

Circle Passing

Players split evenly into 5 lines behind the conesBalls are passed between cones following the arrowsEach player follows their pass and joins the line...

Drags and pulls

Each player fakes to L and pulls R around each set of cones, then goes to middle and takes shot on goal. Can attempt to drag in circle to R to score.w...

2 v 0 - Square and through passing

Red attacker always passes the ball square. Blue attacker always passes the ball through.After passing - move at speed on an angle to get to next...