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Are there any drills to force players to stay low

Are there any drills to force players to stay low

Archived User Coach

Please tell me about strong pass

My team's players don't have strong pass. So our pass is hard to arrive for FW. Please tell me way to pass (push, sweep, hit) strong.

Archived User Coach

How to lob/chip in a hockey shot?

im twelve, i play for my school team and i am going for a trial at southgate hockey. I  play up front, and i can shoot pretty well but i cant lift it over the keeper. any tips would be much appreiciated

Archived User Coach

Right-Wing Position

My daughter plays U13 hockey in the position of right wing.She gets different advice from her school coach and her club coach.I want to make sure that she is getting the right advice as she is passionate about her hockey. Firstly, exactly what is the full function of a right wing at this level of hockey (she will be going to U15 club hockey and U14 school hockey next season) She has a good understanding of the game and appears to me to read it well (I only played school level many years ago and things change) When her team is in the offensive position in the “D” she mostly waits at goal post to deflect ball into goal.  She appears to not be involved.  Comments from spectators have been made as to why she just stands there. There is a very skilled player in her team who hits the ball EXTREMELY hard.  I believe that at this level of hockey these extremely hard hits/passes do not achieve anything, they just keep going out. However, please can you advise on how to stop and control these very hard passes (that is if one can get to them) in order to move on with the game. Lastly, can you send some drills/exercises to get her eye in as well as positioning her body correctly for goal shooting.  The “hard hitter” and my daughter seem to be the main goal shooters of the team. Many thanks Lynne

Archived User Coach

Re involving GKs in junior coaching sessions.

I really struggle to make practice fun and useful for the GKs. My attention is naturally focussed on the outfield players, meaning most of the time I simply have drills finishing with a shot on goal to keep the GK involved. Pretty boring for them. Any ideas how I can involve them more? Thanks, Charlie

Carol Ridge Coach, England

How to get ball carriers to pass?

I have a team of 14 year old girls who mostly want to run with the ball rather than pass. A lot of them are strong ball carriers and so often achieve success this way but am concerned that this strategy will not work once the other teams get bigger and stronger, and that it is too one dimensional. What are the best ways to change this approach?

Archived User Coach

5-yard rule in hockey?

could someone comment on the 5 yard rule when entering the scoring area? There always seams to be a lot of wrong information regarding this rule.

Gaby Coach, United States of America

Swinging stick in the air when passing ball

One of my players constantly swings her stick in the air when passing, or making a tackle. i have explained technique many times but it is not working. how can i help her?? May injure someone and also gets blown up for stick tackle.

Aurelie Charles Coach, England

How to coach school team with novices and experienced players?

Hi,I perhaps naively, expected to have most of our team from last year carry over and only have a few new comers to integrate and get up to speed with the rest. However meeting the team at our first practice last night i find I have five players still at school from last year and the rest all new comers, most of whom had not held a hockey stick at all till practice.This being only my second season coaching (year 9 to year 13 boys) has left me feeling a little blindsided, and feeling quite unsure how to prepare practices that target both groups of boys. Do i lump them both groups together, keep them separate? What drills/exercises to best bring the new comers up to speed.I don't want to neglect either group, keep practice worthwhile for the experienced boys, but also bringing the new comers up to a level were they can mix in with the others and learn organically from them while practicing as a team. David

David Smith Coach, New Zealand

Player accountability

How can I get my players to be accountable for their skills? During drills, they mistrap balls next to the sideline, bounces over, poor passing etc, and it doesn't seem to bother them. I instigate the team accountability, where the team calls them on it, but no one seems to do it.Any suggestions would be great.Cheers,Brent

Archived User Coach

How to improve personal defense ability?

How to improve personal defense ability?

Archived User Coach

coaching points push pass

what are the coaching points for push pass?

Courtney Dowdie Coach, Jamaica

Break through a team that is playing half court press?

How can you train to break through a team that starts half court and your team starts with the ball? Four players in the defence start maybe playing the ball first to the left wing and this player hits the ball back to the free defence player who passes the ball to the right defence player who is over the 23 meter line... I like to understand the different tactical approaches. Can you share some ideas with me?

R.P. Witkamp Coach, Netherlands

Pass under pressure drill

What drill I wanna give my players for push pass under pressure?


new to mini hockey

I need some expert opinions as I am new to Mini hockey? I played myself but obviously mini hockey differs from normal hockey... I know there are 6 players on the field.. some pointers of where to situated them.. do I use one player to be positioned at the goals......

Verons Coach, South Africa

drills to teach a beginner on push pass

drills toteach a beginner on push pass

Collins Acheampong Coach, Ghana
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I can't get enough of the Sportplan, It has given me back the enthusiasm i was starting to lose. My girls are so keen and are ready at 14 to take the next up in their game. Sportplan will help no end.

Cornel Basketball Coach, South Africa


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