Short Corner Defence 2 - 2

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey Short Corner Defence 2 - 2 Set Pieces Setup the defence as shown with defenders on each post and a runner on each post. Player 1 runs to the t...

Dummy Short Corner

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey Dummy Short Corner Set Pieces Need 2 players with a good drag flick, first striker looks to drag flick but drags it square for second shooter ...

Short Corner Accuracy Practice

category: Rebound-Blocks

Hockey Short corner accuracy practice Rebound Blocks Put one block in each corner. Player rolls in the ball for the other player to hit into one of t...

Shortcorner Move For Weekend

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey shortcorner move for weekend Set Pieces This is one of the moves I wanted my team to see before the training session because. We are playing a...

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Top short corners | field hockey

With the Olympics starting in Rio today I really hope we will see some short corners like these ones. Feel free to leave a like and subscribe.



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