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New rule on early break of a short corner?

Just Curious is S.A the only team playing the new rule, where if a player breaks early from a short corner that player is sent to the half way line? so the end result is you got 3 players defending excl the goalkeeper

Archived User Coach

GK Technique for Short Corners

I'm looking for some video of the goal keepers short corner technique, anyone know where i could get any? Preferably from directly behind and in front.

Archived User Coach

Now that the ball doesn't have to be stopped outside?

Now that the ball doesn't have to be stopped outside the D, do you still need a stopper?

Archived User Coach

What is a short corner?

Hi, I'm actually a kid doing BTEC sport in Year 10, and I'm doing my coursework on Hockey. Unfortunatly I have no idea what a short corner is, other than it's suppose to commence play again. If anyone could help me with this, it would be much appreciated %3A)

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What is a short corner?

Hi, I'm actually a kid doing BTEC sport in Year 10, and I'm doing my coursework on Hockey. Unfortunatly I have no idea what a short corner is, other than it's suppose to commence play again. If anyone could help me with this, it would be much appreciated %3A)

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Short corner rules

What happens when a defender breaks on a short corner?

Michelle Brown Coach, Australia

How do you keep your team motivated - drill ideas?

we started the season 5-1 and now mid-way it seems we are fading? we have lost our last 3 games - what are some good drills to get them focused again and pumped for the rest of the season and to get them over the hump -to the next level. thanks

Brenda Strohmer Coach, United States of America

How do I teach my players to "think" hockey?

How can I teach my team of u/12 girls to "see" hockey or rather think hockey? It's if they can"t read hockey and are thinking with "netball brains" instead of hockey brains. I don't know if it makes sense to someone but it is very frustrating. I can teach them skills and practice practice practice but the moment they play a game they forget everything and can't seem to know what to do. Hope it makes sense for somebody.

carien Coach, South Africa

Looking for new pre game drills!

Any idea's on new pre game drills? We are now playing the '5' just passing and the last one shoots, but after a few months it got bored. So looking for new drills! Any suggestions?

Archived User Coach

Defensive formation for a short corner

What is the recommended formation for a middle school level to set up for defense on a short corner, we play on grass.

Kim DeNato Coach, United States of America

Short Corner Defence

Preferred short corner defence running system? 3-1, 2-2. Premier League level - where drag flicks are involved.Goalie - logging or staying up?

Emily Wardeiner Coach, Australia

Short corner- Left slip

How do you improve a left slip short corner?

Emily W Coach, England

defending corners formation

what defensive formation do you use and when do your defenders break that formation?

mandy tuthill Coach, United States of America

What side a short corner should be taken

At a recent junior hockey match, the ref indicated the short corner must be taken from the side of the goal where the infringement took place. This threw the team off as they only practiced taken short corners from the one side.Anybody that can give clarity on whether this is the rule?

0 0 Coach, South Africa

Does the drawbridge short corn...

The drawbridge short corner routine

William Gregg Coach, England

Short corner attacking tactics...

How do you know what variations to use when you are attacking a short corner. ie what variation/tactic to use when they are running a diamond or a box etc.

Kyle Talbot Coach, South Africa

What are the rules for a penal...

What is the rules for a penalty corner pusher or injector? Must have one leg in or u can have both leg out to use a sweep?

Dahlia Borhan Coach, Singapore

Ok, just wondering what positi...

Ok, just wondering what positions exactly, are involved in both defending and attacking on short corners - cf, rw, lw??

Archived User Coach

Midfield positioning on 16yd h...

hi there I'm using 4-4-2 and on sometimes 3-1-4-2 with a lower level hockey team.I've chosen this over other formations, simply because the hockey experience and ability of my players is not of a high level (and most people have an approximate understanding of 442). Also, I believe that one must choose a formation based on players traits and what they can deliver. For example, I'd ideally prefer to have 3 forwards, to help with more height and width but then would have to either play 3 in the middle or 3 at the back... and my player strengths don't permit this. In short, I simply don't believe I have a strong enough CH / CM to handle 3 in the middle and I'm not convinced that the off-the-ball support from other players is strong enough to allow 3 in the middle. OFFENSIVE PLAYS Anyway, I'm not 100% where to get my centre mids to stand when we have a 16 yd hit to take (i.e. our possession). Obviously one of the CMs comes deep to offer a potential direct outlet from the centre backs or offer an overload option if the ball goes out to the sides (which is more likely, since I've pretty much banned the high risk play of releasing up the middle - we've had far too many turnovers in our final third or quarter because we tried to play up the middle). My players are 'aware' of posting up and leading runs. However, I'm not sure about the 2nd CM. On the one hand I'd ideally like the 2nd CM to come deep as well, in order to potentially help break up the opposition press but by doing so, I distort the midfield and if we do manage to get the ball to one of the CMs, he won't have the 2nd CM in a higher position to release to, etc. DEFENSIVE POSITIONING Can someone suggest, again, about midfield positioning using 4-4-2 or 3-1-4-2, when we are setting up a general press? I have traditionally encouraged man marking, simply because our general positional awareness is weak (which makes zonal play a no-no IMO) + our tracking and attitude to committed defending (i.e. you don’t give up if one tackle fails) could be better! However, looking at suggested presses on Sportplan, some zonal positioning seems a necessity and I think if I can help my players make the step, success will come because they've been forced to become more aware of their pitch positioning, etc. Also, looking at some of the presses, it looks like the midfield can go 'flat' to create a barrier... and as I encourage a diamond shape in midfield, I need to explain to my players what to do and when. Sorry for the wordy question. I hope this all makes sense. Regards, Gary

Gary Thompson Coach, England

teaching presses on free hits ...

Hi allI am looking for advice on how to implement processes in my girls school hockey team. processes of setting up presses, defensive structures and counter attacking thinking. I have 14 players in the team from 15 years old to 18. we train twice a week. only a few play club hockey as well. We either play a 3-1-4-2 or a 3-1-3-3.I find it difficult for example, when you want to teach a press on the opposition 16, to simulate gameplay with only 14 players (if they are all at training). I can have my halves setup for taking the 16 and then get my strikers and links to setup, but then I still want defenders to see things from the back but they are taking the 16? Also when taking the 16 they then don't have any support in the drill because everyone else is setting up a press?I know we need to work on our basics in order for the other tactics and skills and game plans to work. However I find it frustrating with this team that on counter attacks for a few reasons which I am struggling to mend;- they only head forward. No one holds up the ball to wait for support.- they run straight and don't use angles- they pass too late and get tackled - they don't have the vision to see an early pass or pass into space- players without the ball do not run into useful positions and angles and get caught out by the person with the ball who then makes a pass to no one and it runs out of play.So suggestions please for;- open, creative but simple counter attacking- teaching processes for presses on free hits and 16s- coaching how to take 16s and work your way out- coaching vision and expecting your players to be in support. RegardsMatt

Matthew Lydall Coach, South Africa
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I can't get enough of the Sportplan, It has given me back the enthusiasm i was starting to lose. My girls are so keen and are ready at 14 to take the next up in their game. Sportplan will help no end.

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