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Any tips for the new hockey self pass rules

Any tips for the new hockey self pass rules

Archived User Coach

The new rules - what will UK coaches be focussing on?

The new rules - what will UK coaches be focussing on most? (Living in NZ, we're playing them now!)

sue shelswell Coach, New Zealand

what are good penalty corner plays?

what are good penalty corner plays?

Archived User Coach

If a player takes a self pass from a long corner, can you tackle??

If a player takes a self pass from a long corner, can the defenders go and tackle the player straight away? or do they have to allow them to travel 5m??

Ellie Martin Coach, England

Is a goal scored when the attacking team hasnt touched?

Is a goal scored when the attacking team hasnt touched the ball within the circle yet the ball goes in the goal after touching a defender in the circle? An attacker hit the ball into the circle today, the goalie fudged it and it bounced over her foot into the goal. Twice. I thought the attacker would have to have touched it within the circle? I am new coach of young girls.

Archived User Coach

How long do you play the advantage rule? If the ball?

How long do you play the advantage rule? If the ball hits the defenders feet in the D and then you have a shot at goal playing the advantage, but you miss and the defender clears the ball. Is that the advatage over or would you pull it back for a penalty corner?

Susan Barbour Coach, England

Long corner variations

Please can you email me 3 or 4 long corner variations.

Archived User Coach

FIH format change - for better or for worse?

As of 1 September, major FIH events such as the Champions Trophy, Hockey World League Final and Rio 2016 Olympic Games will assume a new format that includes moving to four 15-minute quarters and having 40-second time-outs when a penalty corner is awarded and after a goal is scored. Do you think this a positive or negative for the future of hockey?

Sportplan Team Coach, United Kingdom

Long corners (attacking and defending)

Dear all, what are best practices for playing long corners? Please advice for playing long corners while attacking and defending long corners.

Marco Koudijs Coach, Netherlands

Set plays for attackers (such as long corners etc)?

I have a request for a session involving set plays for attackers Eg long corner, hit outside circle, etc Asked using Sportplan on Mobile

Archived User Coach

Drills for the new long corner

I would like some drills for the new long corner rules and the free hits outside the D. Thanks

Janice Coach, Australia

Drills for the new long corner and penalty corner

I would like some drills for long corners and penalty corners and the free hit outside the D.?Thanks so much

Thang Coach, Czech Republic

Defensive 2-2 corners | Sportp...

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the box defensive formation ?

Archived User Coach

How teach defense match-up zon...

Hi, I have a complicated set of questions which shows my limited understanding of field hockey. I’m coaching a U13 team of 22 girls in the U.S., and each player has at least one year of experience. I’ve played FH only with my kids though I have a basic understanding of the game and its concepts from playing soccer and basketball, and watching games for many years. I've coached kids in other sports, this is my first year coaching field hockey. (If you’re wondering why I’m coaching, no parent in my community with playing experience would step up and my daughter loves the game.)A warming: This is a long set of interrelated questions but your taking the time will be greatly appreciated. Problem: The core problem is responsibility conflicts on defense. My players understand concepts of zone and marking separately. I don’t know enough to explain how they should manage the two responsibilities in field hockey. I “get it” by playing other sports for so long and therefore am able to see how they aren’t “getting it.” For clarity, I have in mind two kinds of offense players: OP1 (has the ball); OP2 (doesn’t). The girls understand that zone means each has a certain area to protect; and marking, how to position themselves in relation to offensive player without the ball (OP2), and when to mark tight vs. loose, and to what it means to follow her mark. Situation 1 (Off-ball play): if one OP2 (OP2-A) enter zone of Left Midfield (LM), for example, how LM apply marking principles (a) when OP2-A enters zone; (b) a second OP2 (OP-B) enters zone; (c) if OP2-A leaves zone, LM should (i) release OP2-A and stay on OP2-B or (ii) follow OP1-A and leave OP2-B. How resolve these zone/marking conflicts for other positions: CM/RM? For RD/LD/CD? (We play a basic 3-3-1-3.)Situation 2 (Support teammate pressuring ball (D1). The girls understand basics of channeling, approaching OP1 to tackle, and how D2 should support D1 (e.g., D2 is cover for D2). We’ve done drills (1v2), but transferring into game situations is difficult. How explain D2 maintain zone responsibilities (a) if supporting D1 means D2 (a) vacates assigned zone and/or (b) or OP2 in zone). Situation 3 (Forwards). They are having trouble with changing defensive responsibilities from within the opposing team’s quarter of the field, the middle quarters, and our quarter of the field nearest to our goal. I’ve thought about just making the defense solely marking but that creates its own chaos and tires out the girls. Without these basic concepts, the result is a joyless scrum: players are bunched up on defense, so if there’s a turnover, the players are too close together for a counterattack. This is unfortunate because the speed of field hockey games should appeal to kids in the U.S. Thanks

Brandon Cowart Coach, United States of America

5-yard rule in hockey? | Sport...

could someone comment on the 5 yard rule when entering the scoring area? There always seams to be a lot of wrong information regarding this rule.

Gaby Coach, United States of America

Any fun idea/game to learn eac...

Hi, I´m just looking for new ideas for the first training of the season, any fun ideas so everybody can learn each others names, including the coach %3A)???? age%3A around 11/12 years old. Cheers!

Barbara von Foerster Coach, Argentina

Transfering the ball | Sportpl...

Please could someone tell me the principles of transferring the ball. I can use the drills on here and some I have already used. However I would like my players to be "able to create own" if they know the princimples

Wendy Russell Coach, England

Short Corner Defence | Sportpl...

Preferred short corner defence running system? 3-1, 2-2. Premier League level - where drag flicks are involved.Goalie - logging or staying up?

Emily Wardeiner Coach, Australia

What is a short corner? | Spor...

Hi, I'm actually a kid doing BTEC sport in Year 10, and I'm doing my coursework on Hockey. Unfortunatly I have no idea what a short corner is, other than it's suppose to commence play again. If anyone could help me with this, it would be much appreciated %3A)

Archived User Coach

field hockey for fifth and 6th...

I am coaching 5th and 6th graders…are the drills on this website for that age level or older?

Archived User Coach
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