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What is a good fitness program...

What is a good fitness programme for hockey?

Archived User Coach

Fitness Sessions | Sportplan

I coach a School U14 team and I would be interested in hearing your ideas for initial fitness sessions at the start of the season.

Archived User Coach

I am teaching 7 weeks of Hocke...

I am teaching 7 weeks of Hockey to a Mixed set of about twenty 14/15 year olds. I'm unsure of what to teach them each week i.e. week one attacking, week two defending etc. Any ideas for a seven week overview?

Archived User Coach

what is the best way for a half yo get fit

what is the best way for a half to get fit?

Archived User Coach

Does anyone have a link to a few GOOD Hockey Specific fitness tests?

Does anyone have a link to a few GOOD Hockey Specific fitness tests. And I'm not looking for bleep tests which is somewhat out of date. Many thanks

Grant Hunt Coach, United Kingdom

Has anyone got a pre-season fitness plan for a ladies?

Has anyone got a pre-season fitness plan for a ladies hockey team?

Archived User Coach

My u/15 girls can't play as a team.

I really have a big problem with my u/15 girls.  They just can't play as a team. Any advice please. There's always a fight between someone. Mariette

Archived User Coach

Tournament prep -building fitness.

I have just returned from coaching my first high school hockey tournament. It was great fun but the girls really felt it by the end of the tournament. I want to offer guidance in the form of a fitness build up to the girls for next season but am not sure what my expectations should be. How fit should you be looking to get if you are preparing to play 7 50min games over 5 days? And what types of fitness should I be suggesting? Sprinting and Intervals along with Swimming are things I feel that could be introduced. Ideally it needs to be accessable (not expensive or require special equipment), self managed (to an extent) and let it fit in with their daily rountine as best possible to give them the best chance to commit (i.e. I feel like suggesting they power walk to school rather than get dropped off will work better than asking them to join a gym to do the pelaton classes) Any ideas? Or things that have worked in the past?

Archived User Coach

How to teach my U13 girls to overcome the second half blues?

My U13 Girls play really well in the first half but drop of badly in the second half - this has caused us too many draws. How do I get consistency for the whole game?

Glenn Hutchinson Coach, Australia

Help, I'm new to coaching and don't know what to expect?

Im new to female hockey coaching and was just wondering if there is any recommendations someone can give me as to getting setup with a new team for the first night of training, what to look out for etc.

Damian Daly Coach, Ireland

Activities for Golden Thread Objectives

EH have just launched their Golden Thread objectives for the single system (& above) - will some activities be created to reflect these? It is more gameplay & less directive / closed "drills". Cheers Alex.

Alex Fletcher Coach, England

How to coach school team with novices and experienced players?

Hi,I perhaps naively, expected to have most of our team from last year carry over and only have a few new comers to integrate and get up to speed with the rest. However meeting the team at our first practice last night i find I have five players still at school from last year and the rest all new comers, most of whom had not held a hockey stick at all till practice.This being only my second season coaching (year 9 to year 13 boys) has left me feeling a little blindsided, and feeling quite unsure how to prepare practices that target both groups of boys. Do i lump them both groups together, keep them separate? What drills/exercises to best bring the new comers up to speed.I don't want to neglect either group, keep practice worthwhile for the experienced boys, but also bringing the new comers up to a level were they can mix in with the others and learn organically from them while practicing as a team. David

David Smith Coach, New Zealand

Fitness activities inspiration

Hi there. I'm looking for some ideas on activities to maintain fitness. I have been doing intervals with my team for the last few weeks but want to change it up to keep it interesting while achieving the same result. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

Shayne Coach, Australia

Simple fitness workout

How to keep myself fit through simple workout?some exercises to increase fitness Asked using Sportplan Mobile App

Archived User Coach

AFL training types and methods

Hello, can someone please help with this question: Describe two different training types and methods which would have a positive impact on sports performance for AFL players. I need to provide 2 training methods for the 2 training types where the training methods include (examples are the training methods): Aerobic-eg continuous, fartlek, aerobic interval and circuit. Anaerobic- eg anaerobic interval. Flexibility-eg static, ballistic, PNF, dynamic stretching. Strength training- eg free/fixed weights, elastic, hydraulic. So i have information on dynamic stretching but if i am to do that I have to pick another form of stretching from the example methods above such as PNF, static ballistic. Not sure what to say if I had to pick one of those. Also I think aerobic interval seems good, how does it better AFL players performance?

Gee Coach, Australia

throwing games away in last quarter

we are often the better team,for three quarters we push the opposition but in the last quarter we concede 2 or more goals.We have a massive national tournament coming up with the best teams in the country,and I am afraid that this might cost us dearly.Does anyone have a drill or structure plan I could use?

Leone Lanuti Coach, South Africa

free access to agility and fitness

I was offered free access to agility and fitness library. but it says locked, upgrade.

Julie Lumb Coach, England
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Coaches from around the world look to Sportplan for coaching confidence.

Excellent drills, very detailed videos. Useful site for my U15 boys team.

Parry U15 boys Hockey Coach, Australia

I love using Sportplan. It's been a great help for co-ordinating hockey practice and being able to help tweak skills and getting the most out of my players!

Laura Swezey Hockey Coach, United States

Great site. An absolute must for coaches who are willing to change and learn new drills. Superb, simply superb.

Ignatius D'souza India

Wow what a great website, I have found sportplan an important tool for me when planning my netball sessions with my netball team. There are alot of very helpful tips/ideas/skills that I can learn and teach to my team. Thank you sportplan I hope to continue to use your helpful tips and to learn more about improving my teams netball skills. Thanks again....keep it up....

Monique New Zealand

I have been using Sportplan now for 3 years and can honestly say that I have never repeated the same session twice. My girls are always focused and are improving every year. Thanks Sportplan.

Debbie Cross Australia

What a fantastic tool. The Chalkboard and session tools make an unbelievable difference in making training plans in both time and organization. I will be instructing all of my assistant coaches that this tool must be used for all sessions during the season, so that we may build a club coaching resource library.

Wes Campbell Rugby Coach Canada

I can't get enough of the Sportplan, It has given me back the enthusiasm i was starting to lose. My girls are so keen and are ready at 14 to take the next up in their game. Sportplan will help no end.

Cornel Basketball Coach, South Africa


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