1 V 1 - Channelling

category: Defending-Skills

Split your group into two teams - defenders and attackers.

Players with the ball have to run around the cone and try and score. Players with...

2V1 Break

category: Overload-situations

One attacker and one defender stand at the top of the circle.

The 2nd defender stands wide outside the 23m area and passes the ball to a 2nd...


category: Defending-Skills

Two defenders can work together to channel

Channelling Onto The Forehand

category: Defending-Skills

This exercise is designed to encourage defenders to force attacking players to move onto the defenders forehand

The player with the ball tri...

Web Videos

Field hockey 101: defending

Field Hockey - #3 Defending with Jeremy Hayward CD22 at REDS HOCKEY CLUB - Perth, Western Australia Kookaburra Jeremy Hayward (Australia) ...

Ryde hockey core skills: defence

For our coaches. A brief session outline for our junior coaches to ensure they hit on the key technical points associated with defensive channelling.



Community Drills

Channelling - Defending the D

2v1 or 3v2Gates into D. Questions to DefendersWhich side would you prefer to tackle from? and how?How do you approach the player? Do you go straigh...

2v1 channelling box

the initial defender (D) should look to force the Attacker (A) in one direction (preferably away from goal) this can be beneficial when we work a...


Defender forces attacking player off the back of the pitch by channelling them towards the side.

Counter Attacking and Defending

4vs 3 with recovering defender. Attacker starts with ball after ball passed in from coach.Defending principles - tag player, stay with men! Recognise ...