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Coaches Objective: 

To teach the player to perform a drag from left to right to eliminate the defender.


Use this skill to eliminate a defender on their weaker side and open up the rest of the field to create passing opportunities.

Coaching points

  1. When approaching a defender who is channelling the player onto their open stick side, the attacker should run with the ball out infront and outside their right foot to give them the option to drag or pass to the right or left.
  2. As they near the defender, increase the speed of the ball slightly, taking it in line or outside of the left foot. 
  3. Shift the weight onto their left foot to create the space to drag the ball back to the right. Push off the left foot as the ball is dragged back to accentuate the dummy.
  4. Accelerate away from the skill to create space between the defender.

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