Dribble - Body Switch

category: Video-Techniques

- Perform the indian dribble whilst moving the body to the opposite side of the cones

Dribbling - Slalom

category: Moving-with-the-ball

- Utilise the Indian Dribble to manoeuvre through the cones
- Each cone should be considered as a defender

Indian Dribble

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Revise Indian dribble and ensure the hands work correctly. Move the ball from outside the right foot to outside the left (as shown) and repeat

Indian Dribble

category: Moving-with-the-ball

Left-handed at the top right-hand loose in middle of the stickLeft hand in watch position (if the player was to wear a watch they could see the time.)...

Reverse Stick Tackle

category: Defending-Skills

- Utilising a reverse stick pick challenge
- 2 lines of players
- One player will dribble in a straight line
- The defending playing...

Reverse Stick Tackle

- Utilising a reverse stick pick challenge
- 2 lines of players
- One player will dribble in a straight line
- The defending playing...


attacker attempts to outrun defender

attacker wins by getting through red gate before being tackled, and with the ball under control.


Speed slaloms - try and go through slaloms as fast as possible.

Left hand slalom is open stick only, players must go to the left of cone...

Slalom test

How quickly can your players dribble through the cone slalom, from one side the pitch the other?

Slalom includes wide slalom, Indian dribble...

Swapping Hands

Put out 2 cones (on a line if possible) about 2 - 5 meter apart

player with a ball each stand one side of the line and the ball on the other...

Wrong Hands Control

Players start with their hands the wrong way round on the stick.

They must indian dribble the ball on the spot - keeping the ball within sho...

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Community Drills

Me and my ball relay race

Line up two teams for a relay race.Dribble ball up to and around the first cone (forehand) and then around second cone (backhand). Indian dribble...

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dribble through cones, pass the ball to players stood on the red cone and then recieve it back again on the move. then enter the D and shooottalk abou...

Sessie 2 : dribbels

start : bij de 2 groene kegelsbij 1 : indian dribblebij 2 : dummybij 3 : drijf met de bal rond de kegelsbij 4 : push in de goal AANDACHTSPUNTEN :- FH ...

Dribbling races

For young players/new players use diagram A open stick running with the ballfor older age groups use diagram Bstart using indian dribbleif easy o...

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1)Conduite de bal- Basic grip (distance - 2 mains adulte entre les mains)- Positions du stick a 60 degrees avec le solle- bal a droite devant en sort...

Indian dribble

Player must dribble (From right to left) through the cones.

Shooting Drill - Dribble Quick shot

Players indian dribble in and out of the red cones. Then lift over the blue. Dribble to the furthst away yellow cone and then drag the ball across the...