Dribble - Body Switch

category: Video-Techniques

- Perform the indian dribble whilst moving the body to the opposite side of the cones

Web Videos

Sardar singh slow motion dribble

Watch the master dribble in slow motion as he weaves his magic. Sardar Singh is the Talismanic leader of the Indian hockey team. He is very quiet and ...


Community Drills

Dribbling Box

Needed? 4 cones, Balls, 1+ players How?*All actions done with a ball and stick* BLACK: Start at cone 1, sprint to cone 2. Indian dribble/sid...

Me and my ball relay race

Line up two teams for a relay race.Dribble ball up to and around the first cone (forehand) and then around second cone (backhand). Indian dribble...

Autosave 9916465

dribble through cones, pass the ball to players stood on the red cone and then recieve it back again on the move. then enter the D and shooottalk abou...

Sessie 2 : dribbels

start : bij de 2 groene kegelsbij 1 : indian dribblebij 2 : dummybij 3 : drijf met de bal rond de kegelsbij 4 : push in de goal AANDACHTSPUNTEN :- FH ...