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Moving with the ball Drills

Moving with the ball, also known as dribbling, is how a player moves with the ball when in their possession using a hockey stick. The dribbling drills...


Dribble - Body Switch

category: Video-Techniques

- Perform the indian dribble whilst moving the body to the opposite side of the cones

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Skills and shoot

- Indian dribble through cones (red)- roll out around the cones (white)- lift the ball through a tyre or a hoola hoop ( circle)- line of cones t...

Stickwork Drills

Indian DribbleInterweaveOne touches down and backOther side of the pitch:10 yd. push and pulls (timed in one minute increments to see how many can be ...

Shooting 2

Indian dribble trough conesTake a shot10 min