Are there any drills to force players to stay low

Are there any drills to force players to stay low

Are there any drills to force players to stay low

Hockey CoachCoach
Hockey CoachCoach

I have the same problem with my girls!!! I hope someone has a good answer!

Sportplan TeamAdministrator, United Kingdom


I think this is quite a common complaint. What I would suggest is that you start every session with a low running drill, only for about 5 minutes or so.

In this drill players must run in a very low position for around 50 metres with their stick horizontally in hand, with both hands only just above the ground. By making your players run in this overly low and crouched position they will inevitably get tired and end up standing up a little - this slightly raised position is the perfect low centre of gravity posture that you would like your players to have during their games!

Best of luck with your teams.

The Sportplan Team

Hockey CoachCoach

Try a trap and push drill where the player has to trap the ball and move a few meters to push the ball. Stand with your hockey stick in hand (around chest-height)outstreched over where they move, the player will stay low not to hit your stick. I find this helps with quick distribution as well since the player does not come up from the trap.

Mike JollyCoach, Canada

To train players to stay low when hitting I get them to position their left foot about a sticks length away from the ball.This way they have to reach and get their head over the ball.The first stage is in the kneeling position. When they are standing, same left foot position, but with the right knee low to the ground. It takes time but you will start to see results before you know it. In general play, when receiving a pass on the full stick when moving, they should run the stick along the playing surface i.e. in contact with the turf or grass, well before the ball reaches their stick. They can transition into a slap hit, clip hit or push pass much more easily.

Ian HardinghamPlayer, England

there are a few methods, it depends if you want it with or without ball, or what context. This is a tackling drill that is based upon footwork that I get my team doing. They have to work in 3's. 1 rest the other 2 work. feet staggered toes pointing forward, player with 2 hands on stick jabbing the ball. The ball carrier is walking slowly backwards moving the ball left and right (indian dribble), the tackler is following them moving their feet in little shifts - at no point should the tackler have both feet off the ground, if they can do it then they should slide their feet along the ground forward and backward to keep mobile. the tackler should hold their body position leaving slightly forward with knees bent. they should effectively skip forwards and backwards following the ball carrier. 30 seconds work, then rest X 6 reps.

Jean D ArnoldCoach, England

All plyers have a best mate, who helps keep a good balanced position and reasonably is Master Tony Chin - Toe - Knee - and Chin all in line vertically

Jean D ArnoldCoach, England

Baton Ball Hockey,

Make paper batons best with a magazine, approximately 12 inches / 0.30m. Cover with insulating tape.  Play with a 7 inch ball.  Can be played as an invaision game with goals or as 'King of the Court' Each players has to get the other players ball out of a desiognated area,   

Similar game to 'Roll Hockey' ball must be rolled on the floor from the hand.  This game is also very good for support play.

This drill has no description.

This drill has no description.

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