6 Zone: No Pressure

category: Conditioned-Games

- Pitch split into 6 zones
- 6 outfield players
- Use of goalkeepers beneficial to drill
- Play across half a pitch
- Pass at r...

Web Videos

England hockey: creating space tips

This is an excellent series of coaching videos produced by England Hockey to help players develop their skills. Want to see more? Just subscribe! Enjo...

My "fake" osaka field hockey stick

May 30, 2016 - Update: Thanks for all the positive comments on this clip. I wanted to add a few lines since my original posting of this video. So, obv...



Posting up and Overlapping

Get your players taking up forward positions on the pitch and overlapping to offer extra attacking options!


Community Drills

Passing in Pairs

Basic warm up to get hand eye coordination going.First touch focusPosting UpBall Speed

Posting up

Firstly the player will post up towards the ball pile and receive a ball and immediately pass it back then run in a loop then post up again but kap th...