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3D skills Drills

As your hockey players develop stick control then you should be looking to teach them 3D hockey control skills. These are advanced ways of keeping con...

Bola Machine Drills

The world renowned hockey BOLA machine has been specially adapted to fulfil a wide range of Hockey training needs following extensive consultation and...


Basic Grip

category: Grips

Hockey Basic grip Grips Holding the Stick Place your left hand at the top of stick and right hand at the bottom of the stick. Grips will change for ....


category: Warm-up-Games

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category: Possession

Hockey Kabadi Possession Set up with two teams, each team having their own area in which they keep possession by passing the ball around.

Stick Stop

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey Stick Stop Set Pieces - Performing the stick stop on a penalty corner. ... search our library of 1000+hockey drills; create professional coachi...

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