Drag Flick

category: Video-Techniques

Description. Lastly practice the cross over step also used when throwing a ball on the move. Coaching points. - The skipping movement can be performe...

Drag Flick - Stage 1

category: Video-Techniques

Drag the ball from this position into the goal. Coaching points. Check grip. Ensure the ball stays in contact with the ball throughout the drag. read...

Drag Flick

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey Drag Flick Set Pieces - How to perform the Drag Flick on penalty corners - The most common approach to penalty corners in the modern game.

Drag Flick Grip

category: Video-Techniques

Description. Hold your stick with hands slightly apart turn your top hand anti clockwise. Coaching points. - Exact hand position is dependent on the ...


Community Drills

Warm-up prior to game

1st game in our sixes,follow your pass2nd game: shooting , follow your pass,change direction.1st game : acuracy and speed before adding a 2nd ball2nd ...

PC Routine

Injection to trapperTrappers tips the ball to the side, gentlyPlayer at top of D fakes to drag flickInstead spins and lays the ball backwards to the b...

23 yard hits

Set Up for Attacking 23 yard hitsCM or closest player to ball takes the free hitDefensive set up is man-2-man with 1 free man on edge of circle markin...