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Coaches Objective:

To teach players to use the close proximity of a defender to advantage in order to open up play to the right with a short V drag.


To open up the rest of the pitch to create passing options.

Coaching points

1. The defender is seeking to physically impose themselves on the ball carrier, aiming to either win the ball, push the attacker further left or less constructively break up play by physically blocking the line to goal.

2. The ball carriers challenge is to make the defender move their body from the line between the ball carrier and goal (or an attacking line diagnolly to the right). To achieve this the player needs to change the pace of the ball threatening to outpace the defender on the open side. This forces a rapid and longer stride and a movement of the stick to the forehand making the defender vulnerable to a quick change of direction. The secret here is a change of tempo.

3. The change of direction is made off the right foot 

4. The drag distance is short and the ball is then rapidly directed behind the defender.

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