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Short Corner Defence

Preferred short corner defence running system? 3-1, 2-2. Premier League level - where drag flicks are involved.Goalie - logging or staying up?

Hi Emily,


Depends on:-

- where the threat is coming from

- changing the defense to ensure that the opposition cannot read which space is open: There is by definition always one (but which one?)

Always set up the same and make sure you don't give away your intentions by having masks on different players for different defenses

You can run both 3:1 and 2:2 in different shapes

Goalkeeper usually takes charge.

Goalkeepers tend to go to their preferred option under pressure and coaches will get t know this - so beware


I'm actually a goal keeper -  always had a preferred way that I've worked with my backs (to their strengths) and had a good understanding between us that I didn't have to call much but this year I've changed teams and working with a very young team so different strengths (but also a high level - this team has just moved up to top state level in Australia) and trying to work out and discuss with them what works best. Interested as a junior coach also (and PE teacher). 

Thanks John!

If drag flicker in opposition and confident in GKs ability need to decide which side GK strength lies When decided weak side is where your runners come from so playing to GKs strengths With the posties ensure they are stepping straight out and not sideways so leaving space Postie need to aim at deflecting ball and not trying to swipe ball in air on move So ensure face is tilted sides ways so any deflection goes wide of post (hence the need to step off goal line) GK is up

I am in junior grades, so 90%+ of shots are on ground and 2-2 works well. 

Goalies are trained to log as the stick comes up for the hit at PC time, a drag flick will see them upright and set.

The defence and goalie need to practice together with just the coach varying from drag flick to straight hit, so they get the feel for where rebounds are going to and what can sneak past.  Then introduce attackers for passing and shooting options to defend against.

If oppostion sets with two castles, or a wide spread attack, then go for the 3-1, with the second and third runner cutting off the passes across, otherwise the 2-2 with the post players working the rebounds and second runnerr looking for the variation pass.

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  • search our library of 1000+ hockey drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans