Can you tell me the correct technique for a penalty?

Can you tell me the correct technique for a penalty?

  1. Can you tell me the correct technique for a penalty flick?
  2. How you would put it into a training exercise?

Hockey CoachCoach
Hockey CoachCoach

you r asking about drag flick during penalty corner.drag flick or penalty flick three steps away from the stopper,when he stops the ball the penalty flicker moves forward keep the stick behind the ball drags inside the shootig cricle and flicks(means above the knee level)

Hockey CoachCoach

Training exercise %3A 1.weight trg. to strength your upper body. 2. do without ball 3. three steps moving towards the ball. 4. with the ball touch the stick 5. releasing the ball to goal

Hockey CoachCoach

Hard to answer simply , but will try ,there are 3 that must be correct , the drag out must be pin point accurate , must be fast , the faster the more time the drag flicker has , the stop must be as dead as posibly no movement ie spinning of the ball etc , also must be as close to the outside of circle as possible , flicker runs in as ball is coming out , try to time his run to arrive as ball is arriving .the action to drag ball into circle must start when the right foot is as far forwrd of the ball as possible , the further forward the more drag you can impose on the ball.As stick makes contact with the ball drop your hands as close to the ground as possible ( hands slightly apart on stick )this action will make the ball move from the toe of the stick to further up the shaft , now you have the ball about 200mm to 100mm up the shaft of the stick ,in this position the ball is now ready to be used like a sling shot,this is why the curved type stick is best.Drag ball and stick forward , as you move forward the ball should start to roll towards toe of stick , by this stage your right foot is now moving past centre of body , you start to come out of low body position , your shoulders should now pivot helping the sling shot effect , lastly follow thru ,end of drag you should be at least a metre inside the circle , this skill requires alot of practice do not be dissappointed you must be patient and work at it ( 1000 times minimum ) , you will know when you get it right and when you do watch out penalty corner defense

Hockey CoachCoach

I think Claire is talking about a penalty stroke, in which case I would suggest that a hard push into the corner, possibly at backboard height (depending on your ability) is the safest for scoring a goal - although it doesn't look as spectacular. The technique is similar to a hard push. The important thing for my mind is to plant your front foot in front of the ball, and to transfer your weight into the shot - this adds the power. A stronger bottom hand will allow you to lift the ball. I always end my coaching sessions with a P Flick competition, and whoever wins is the designated flick taker for the forthcoming match. In terms of practicing, just keep giving it a go...

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