Vision in the 2v1 - Watching the Left Foot

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The focus of this session is on getting your players to use vision to spot the defender's weaknesses, particularly when trying to eliminate a defenders in a 2v1 overload.

If your players have created an attacking overload and find themselves in a 2v1, it's vital that they make it count! To do this the player on the ball should be looking at the defender's left foot so that they can make the right decision - should they pass the ball or drag left and go it alone?

What's in the Session?

To get your players using vision and making these decisions at match-speed this 2v1 session starts simply and gradually ups the pressure - progressing from a simple 2v1 to a pairs 2v1 race - and finishing with a conditioned game that encourages your players to play fast, attacking hockey!

Key skills covered in this session:

  • Vision, Awareness and Decision making
  • Reading the defender's stick and body language and reacting accordingly
  • Applying this this knowledge in small practices and a conditioned game

This session is available as part of an Interactive Coaching Pack, scroll down to learn more

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