Develop and Improve Support Running

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This session is designed to introduce your players to the concept of running out of position to support the on-the-ball player.

To develop support running this session only works on getting the passing player to support their own pass, but this is a theme you can continue to develop throughout the season in order to get all your players supporting one another.

What's in the Session?

Skills covered include: Support run to a posting up player, Support running to a leading player and Making lead or support runs following a pass.

Starting with two pass and support rotations (unopposed and opposed) to get your players in the habit of following their passes up field we then finish with two conditioned games. Both games are designed to reinforce positive support and improve your team's attacking flow.

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Develop and Improve Support Running
Jean Relou
Germany Jean Relou
Great to let players understand what support really means

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