Push pass with disguise: Send them the wrong way

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Do opposition teams read your passes a mile off and easily intercept the ball? If so this hockey session is designed for you! In this plan we teach your players how to look the other way to disguise their passing intentions and send opponents the wrong way using Directional Disguise (Spatial anticipation).

Why this works:

Defenders try and read the intentions of the player in possession. When faced with two alternatives the defender's anticipation will be slower. If he makes the wrong decision, he will have to change it, this takes even more time.

By disguising you slow the defender's reaction time, create uncertainty and more opportunities for the player in possession. Indeed, successful disguise will lead to the defender failing to anticipate because they fear a wrong decision. The passer is then in control.

What are we as coaches looking to achieve for our players?

By the end of this session your players will have the confidence to create opportunities through "visual dummies".

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