Improving forward vision (Pre and Post scanning)

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Use this session to improve your players' forward vision, both before (pre-scan) and after (post-scan) they've received the pass.

By teaching players to scan before the ball reaches them, it will allow them to make better decisions, as their first touch will dictate what they want to do next. Following this it's vital players continue to look up so that they can seek out the best opportunities to drive into space.

What's in the session?

To get your team playing heads up hockey this session starts with a 4v4 possession game and then moves onto an attacking through the gate exercise - promoting forward vision and awareness of space.

As a fun finish we close proceedings with a man-marking game. This will be the ideal chance for players' to put their improved scanning skills to the test as they receive the ball under pressure and try to pass into space to create the 2v1.

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