Junior Session: Be confident before passing the ball!

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This session was designed in response to a fellow coach's complaint to me...

The complaint:

Regardless of how much space my players were in, every time they received the ball they insisted on passing first time, as if the ball were a hot potato! This meant that the ball was easily intercepted by an alert player on the other team.

The solution:

To prevent Hot Potato Passing in our next game, this session focuses solely on getting players to control the ball, before then passing it on. By controlling the ball first, your players will be able to better assess their position on the pitch and identify the best passing option (or if they're in space they may choose to carry the ball themselves).

To achieve this, we start with controlling a powerful pass, before then putting players in a practice where they need to control and add to the pass, then tying everything neatly together with a fun controlling-the-ball conditioned game.

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