Decision making and moving forward after using the dish

Decision making and moving forward after using the dish

Recently been working hard developing the use of the dish around the back to create space. Working great but would now like to develop this with more drills.We have discussed decision making, leading runs and movement but I'm now looking for ideas of exercises that will develop these thoughts amongst the guys. All ideas for exercises we could use at training gratefully received

Amanda woodTeacher, England
Ian HardinghamPlayer, England

I noticed that this has been unanswered so I thought I might drop a quick idea. 

I use the idea of overlapping a lot from my back 4 when we practise outletting, this decision is made by one of your CB's on the side they play. 

So as you are switching, instead of moving over to support the ball side of the pitch, get your CB to hold their position and if needs be move towards the sideline, you will also need your other CB to hold position and be the central pivot, as the ball starts to come back around the CB on the sideline can be communicating to the HB that they can move forwards, the decision to move up the line or in field is up to you depending upon what formation you are playing. 

Personally I think the RH or LH playing as a winger is quite worrying for the opposition - it works when we do it at top flight level so worth a go at every level :)

Hockey CoachCoach

One thing I've found quite successful when using the dish is getting the players to "false lead" ie: call a ball side lead, but then cut back through either CB or CM to go off side or middle. Get your players trying turn/stop/slap pass to an open player, who must then move the ball to the open channel, either as a receieve and pass, or trap and pass. Either option needs to quick though, and if they dither with ball, blow it up, and make them start again.

Hockey CoachCoach

Depends on whether you're lookingistribute out of a press with the transfer or drive out. Ian's comment on pushing wide halves high is a good successful method, as is Deryck with the one touch pass into central players and out to open channels. To create passes wide, keep isndie frowards / midfielders tigh in and match it with intelligent forward leads in and out of the channels and you can create outletting direct to the half way line. To drive out look at drive and collapse / fake collapses.

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