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Coaches objective:

To teach a player to eliminate on the defenders open stick side by making the defender anticipate a "V drag" to their reverse stick side.


To eliminate on the defenders open stick side by commiting them to their reverse stick side. 

Coaching points

1. The defender is reading the "V drag" in this situation and effectively beats themself.

2. This skill is used after one or two "V drags" and the opponent is seeking to read the situation.

3. The technique starts as for a "V drag" the ball being pulled back prior to a change of pace (tempo) with a return of the ball to the opponents open stick side.

4. The technique relies on waiting for the opponent to move the stick to the reverse stick side prior to changing direction.

5. The ball can be thrown wide onto one hand defeating a last desperate reaching lunge from the defender.

6. Return the ball to two hands as the ball carrier accelerates away ready to pass.

7. This skill should be taught in association with the "V drag" Creating Space in Possession 4.

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