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Time on warm ups and hockey drills

Hey guys how long should you spend on warm ups, dyamic stretches and specific hockey drills. First time coach of XI girls. I have played before at Prem level snd Representative 17 years ago back then 10-15m warm up etc . Your thoughts anyone Thanks Ann
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G'day I try to keep things consistent and believe we are coaching more than skill with a ball, we are also teaching punctuality and time management (among many other things) . On game day we have 5 minutes between junior games here and people have to warmed up and ready to use that short window to have some stick-ball time to get their eye in so all the running and dynamic stretching is done before we take the pitch. This principle stays the same at training. We get the pitch for a certain time each week and we don't use that time to go running or stretching, we use that time for exercises with the ball.

When we take the pitch at training we are straight into short passes in pairs or threes, morphing into exercises like "Two Player Square Passing" (for 2 players) or "Pass And Move" (for groups of three) (both of these are found in the "movement off the ball" section of this website). We have a number of these small exercises and mostly the players choose for themselves which ones they want to work at. This whole warmup of their reflexes only lasts around 10 minutes then it is into the main body of your training plan. In my 17 year olds, any more than 10 minutes and they are already looking for something new to do.

The main body of my training plans is often around 15 minutes of an exercise that gets them thinking about solutions to a problem then 20-25 minutes of a modified game for them to try and use the ideas and solutions they discovered in the exercise. The exercises will be similar to "1 V 1 - Channelling" or "Channelling Onto The Forehand" (both of these are found in the "Defending Skills" section of this website) and the exercise for the training will reflect the weaknesses we want to work on. We will finish with 10-15 minutes of position specific coaching, things like PC practice or overheads. When we leave the pitch we do our chats, warm-downs and static stretching. Keep it fun, absorb feedback from players and parents, be prepared to change things to keep everyone engaged.


Awesome Mike, appreciate that very helpful.Best Ann 🤙😊
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