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Base line defence - How to prevent teams scoring?

Baseline defence: How to prevent teams from Scoring goals from the left and Right baseline.Do I tell my left and Right half to channel player outwards ,protect feet,frontal pressure and allow other defenders to tuck infield.Or do I opt to tell defenders to go man to man inside 23 and then apply frontal pressure ,channel player outwards ,watch angle of engagment.As recently we only conceded through attack on our baseline

Hi Jason,

The baseline can be a dangerous area for a defending team, however a slight change in mindset and tactics can mean that actually, it works in the defending teams favour to keep the attacking team on the baseline. Firstly, defenders should be channeling the players wide, so not to allow them inside to have a shot at goal from a better angle.

On the left of defence, it is important the defenders gets their feet around so they are running on their open stick side rather than lunging to make tackles with their back hand.

On both sides however, you have one valuable resource that the forward does not and that is the baseline. Defenders should try to treat the back line as an extra defender. Therefore by channelling the forward to the baseline and being at the right position to not let them make an easy pass into the circle, you can force them to dribble off the back or stop and turn out, as a result taking the pressure away from your circle.

Another valuable asset to have is to constantly be hassling the forward with your stick, forcing their eyes to go down and focus on the ball rather than looking for a pass. Therefore constant niggling jabs towards the ball takes their eyes down and makes it difficult for the forward. Be careful not to expose your feet too much though!

The drill below, although not necessarily on the baseline is a valuable practice for the defenders to practice and transfer into defending on the baseline.

I hope this helps!


Keep on Forehand

Video / Animation
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Description: Players with ball have to run around the cone and try and score. Players without ball also have to run around the cone, and then try and stop the other player scoring.
Coaching Points:
  • Important that the ball starts on the right.
  • (Defenders should avoid over running the attacker, allowing the attacker to come round their reverse).
  • Move the cone round which the defender has to run, further away, to avoid the player getting to the ball too early.
  • Defenders should be looking to channel the forward away from the goal

Good afternoon from cape town. I thank you for valuable insight and good feedback base on focal tactical points needed.


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