Hockey Drill Demonstration


Practice and progressions (cont.):

Depending on numbers, split into teams of 4/5.

Possession game in 1/8 of pitch.

If sufficient numbers, 2 games running simultaneously.

Players numbered 1-5. 1 passes to 2, 2 passes to 3 etc.

Once player has passed the ball, they must touch the opposite sideline (of area) before they can receive the ball again.

Competition between the teams to see who can complete the most consecutive passes.

NB: may need to reduce size of area depending on numbers

Bring players in after 5 mins to Q&A. Players to decide 3 principles to concentrate on for next 5 mins.

Rotate teams after each 5 mins (therefore playing against different opposition each time)


Remove conditions of touching sideline & passing to next number

3 touches


Defensive techniques:

Channelling – use sideline

Maintain 1.5 stick length from ball player. Q&A reasoning for this: if too close, attacker can eliminate defender easily through V-drag or change of direction.

Left hand low, 2 hands on stick, stay mobile.

Ball carry position

Q&A how to improve possession: vision-head up, don’t turn back on defender, movement off the ball, communication, square/straight passes with diagonal/curved runs, attack defenders left foot space, keep stick in contact with ball.

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