Captain's Bible - Team Formations and Tactics

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Dear Team Captain / Coach,

Over the years in the many teams and clubs I have been in, involved either as a Team Captain, Team Coach or a Club Coach, I have been asked the same questions time and time again; what formation is best for my team, what short corners should I use and what should I say at half time?

For Team Captains and Coaches, especially at the beginning of the season, getting your team organised is key. In this document I hope to give you confidence in answering many of these questions, and give you tried and tested advice you can come back to, time and time again.

I know many of you have enough stress getting the team to the pitch on time, so this document will hopefully make the rest of your job, and especially match days, a little easier!

Bram van AsseltBram van Asselt
Senior Coach
Editor of Sportplan Hockey
Founder of Sportplan Ltd

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