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Grip: Hands apart but similar 'double V grip' to the hitting technique.

Head: The head should be positioned over the right foot as the player starts to push the ball. The head will finish well over the left foot once the follow through has been completed.

Ball: Almost a full stick length away from the body. The ball should start in front of the right foot and will be released when it has passed the left foot. Keep the stick in contact with the ball for as long as possible.

A good follow through technique will see the head of the stick pointing at the intended target.

On the move: Players should use the 'cross-over' step where the penultimate step is the right foot crossing behind the left foot. This motion allows the player to stay in a low position throughout the push. Keeping both feet on the ground when in contact with the ball will help the player stay balanced throughout the pushing technique, and will help the transfer of weight from right foot to left.

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