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Re involving GKs in junior coaching sessions.

I really struggle to make practice fun and useful for the GKs. My attention is naturally focussed on the outfield players, meaning most of the time I simply have drills finishing with a shot on goal to keep the GK involved. Pretty boring for them. Any ideas how I can involve them more? Thanks, Charlie

Lots of drills on this site for keeper practice, look to use the game play drills that the outfield players are using but have them finish  with shot on goal. Use keeper out of the circle and on the field as a defender/obstruction for players to pass/dribble around etc. but keeper has same privliges as in circle, (or tell keeper feet only defence for a certain drill, or stick only). Always incorporate your drills to use as game sense/practical match situations.

Also get keeper to do field drills with team before padding up and then go into more attacking drills if needed and have keeper pad up for 2nd half of practice.

cheers ian

The method I use is to increase the level of activity for the Keeper. For instance if it is straight shots at goal from one side set up a series of spaced balls on the offside of the goal. After facing each shot the keeper must rush to Dive/ Sweep/ Kick a ball clear as well then reposition before the next attacking shot. Can be tiring but speeds the thought play engagement.

I use a very good shooting drill for keepers that helps their footwork; setup a cone 5 yards in from top d in the middle, then 2 cones in front of the P spot in line with the post, players lead from middle cone to either outside cone, receive a pass from the middle cone and take a quick shot - pushing or flicking only. As soon as shot has gone the player who passed the ball leads to the other cone and receives a pass to shoot as a push or flick. This is repeated until you run out of balls or the keeper is too tired to continue. It gives your keeper good footwork and close shot saving practice and gives your players close shots practice as well.

Also wit hthe new rules I came up with this one - derived from another obviously; striker hits ball at keepr from 25, keeper clears to the side to a defender left or right, defender has to get ball to a goal on the 25 through another attacker, original attacker joins to make a 1 vs 2, if the defender gets the ball through the gate restart. If the attackers get the ball from the defender then they get into the D and try to score. Your keeper gets practice kicking out and then dealing with a 2 vs 1 turnover. 

Hope this helps


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