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Attacking the D - Building Skills into a Match Situation Session Thumbnail
Attacking the D - Building Skills into a Match Situation

The pass into the circle is determined by the lead of the attackers and the movement of the defender. Work on decision-making in the final third to improve success rate around the circle.

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Objective: To master the reverse stick trap when running in the same direction as the ball is travelling.

Purpose: When a winger leads out towards the line and the ball is played up towards them, being able to trap the ball on their backhand and maintain forward momentum keeps the speed in the attack.

Structure: Pairs 


Coaching points


  • Check left hand has a grip to allow the face of a wristwatch to be viewed when in an open-stick position.
  • Check that the ‘V' between thumb and index finger is visible when trapping on reverse.
  • Ensure at all times that the butt (handle) of the stick faces the belly button.

Trapping the ball

  • Have the body pointing in the direction of attack and let the ball run past the body.
  • Copy the line of the ball with the back of the stick, turning it around at the last second.
  • To trap the ball, form a nice trapping angle to get the ball under control yet not comletely stopping the momentum of the ball (stick facing the belly button).
  • Cushion the ball infront of you, to continue the momentum of the run, taking the ball in your stride rather than stopping it completely. 

For players with difficulty you can:

  1. Stand them stationery infield and make them trap the ball on or over the sideline whilst keeping their feet on the pitch
  2. Make them trap with the left hand only forcing them therefore to take the ball late

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