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Good pile of balls placed with outside halves (2 and 3) who initiate each new movement.

Player 3 plays the ball to 1 who slaps the ball at pace to Player 2. Player 2 receives and immediately slides the ball at an angle down the outside right channel to 4. 4 receives on frontstick and rolls strong outfield. 4 then hits to 6 who receives and shoots.

2 then passes to 1 who slaps ball at pace to 3. 3 receives and slides ball down outside left channel to 5. 5 leads in a “hooked-shaped” manner to receive the ball going forward.

On receiving the ball, 5 dribbles to cones in the top left and plays 2 options: (A) a reverse dribble or (B) a double dummy.

5 then hits the ball to 6 who receives and shoots. The next ball is already moving down the right side.

Unopposed drill to start with.

Coaching points

High ball tempo and movement down channels. Emphasis on power play

Proper execution of rolling out, hook-shaped lead and double dummy.

Quality pass= accuracy / pace of pass

Quality receipt = appropriate receipt.

Pass from 2 could be:

  • Trap inside right foot and roll hard to space to attack Defenders left foot


  • Weighted pass down the line for receipt on reverse to face forward


Pass from 3 (to 5)

  • Receive across the body to face forward and attack the circle.
  • Connection with player in the circle (6)

6 has to make a double movement (lead) to receive and finish with a shot at goal.



  1. "4" and "5" players are marked and it becomes 3 vs 3 to goal.
  2. If Defenders win the ball they have to move the ball over 25 yard line to encourage attackers to jump back and defend.

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Drill tags: attacking, moving, passing, reverse, set piece, shooting, transfer

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