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Coaches Objective:

To teach the attacker to use their body positioning and movement to commit the defender to their open stick side before eliminating with a lift on the reverse stick side.


By using your body to sell the defender one way opens up their other side to eliminate them to get through into the D for a goal shot or to them move the ball on. 

Coaching points

  1. Angle of the drive should be to the defender's open stick to commit the defender.
  2. The ball is held at 1 o'clock on the forehand side and the attacker approaches the defender with the body positioned in a way that they can either pass or drag the ball either way, creating indecision in the defenders mind.
  3. Players should emphasise the step off the right foot to the defender's open side - this commits the defender to this side. 
  4. Open the stick face to lift the ball with a high left elbow, keeping the stick in a strong position to go past the defender's left foot.
  5. On the lift, keep the ball on the end of the stick for as long as possible to reduce the chances of losing control of the ball.
  6. Accelerate away.

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