Improving pace of the pass

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Our players pass the ball too slowly and as a result their passes are intercepted.

Slow ball pace and lazy movement off the ball is only ever going to stunt your growth as a team. Up the pace, up the skill level and up the results with this session!

What?s in the session?

Begin the session with a basic refresher practice to encourage the group to go back to basics and understand best practice for increasing ball pace without losing accuracy. It focuses on the grip, footwork and posture to generate power. The session progresses into competitive practices to encourage players to take more risks with their passes, more reminiscent of an actual game. Putting more pace on them will give them a better chance of winning the race, however the risk of a poorly directed/executed pass is increased. Next, finish the session by increasing the pressure with a conditioned game that emphasises ball pace and requires accurate passing to be successful.

It?s the fundamental skill of hockey, being able to pass to exactly where the receiver wants to receive it. Without the ability to complete simple passes with pace and accuracy, the success of the team will be limited. Therefore use this session to develop players ability to zip the ball around the field at ease.

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