Hockey Drill Demonstration



Coaches Objective: 

To teach the attacking player to give the impression of attacking the defenders open stick side before eliminating on the defenders reverse stick side.


There is a much greater chance of a succesful elimintion on the defenders reverse stick side. By getting them to commit on their open stick side, creates a great opportunity to eliminate the other way to then pass or shoot.

Coaching points

  1. The ball is held at 1 o'clock on the forehand side and the attacker approaches the defender with the body positioned in a way that they can either pass or drag the ball either way, creating indecision in the defenders mind.
  2. The ball is moved relatively slowly right to the reverse side of the defender - keep the ball out infront at all times. 

  3. A quick drag to the defender's open side will shift their balance and with commit them to this side. 

  4. The final quick drag back to the defenders reverse side will eliminate the defender - it's the speed of the drag and ball position that will create a successful elimination. 

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