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Coaching Objective:

To teach the attacker to run towards the defender at pace and eliminate by creating a little lift over the defenders stick.


This skill can be done at pace and is quite subtle therefore is effective in getting past oncoming defenders when the space is tight and the option of dragging the ball into space is not there.

Coaching points

  1. Run at pace towards the defender with the ball at 1 o'clock on the forehand side and the attacker approaches the defender with the body positioned in a way that they can either pass or drag the ball either way, creating indecision in the defenders mind.
  2. As the attacker nears the defender, a small drag to the left commits the defender to attampt to tackle on their open stick side.
  3. As they lay their stick to make the challenge, the attacker creates a ramp on their back hand side by simply turning the stick over the ball, barely losing contact of the ball.
  4. The attacker uses the speed of the ball and the momentum with it to lift the ball over the stick of the defender. (at pace, simply having the stick at the right angle will allow the ball to get over the defenders stick without having to physically lift or carry the ball.)
  5. Regain control of the ball and assume the proper ball carrying position once again to pass or set up a shooting opportunity.

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